Monday, December 7, 2009

Where do i begin. Not much has been going on out of the usual. LIfe is great, getting ready for christmas, we had a very nice and quiet Thanksgiving. It was so great not to do the whole traditional Thanksgiving this year. I simply made a big ol pot of gumbo for the nice chilly weather. It was fantastic, I do believe it just may be the new tradition in our home!

The kids are doing well. Braylon has been big time struggling in school this year. Which is where most of my free time has been used up at. He was diagnosed with ADHD, when he started Kindergarten, we have been through several medications, but until this year the most of his problems were simply behavioral, well low and behold we have finally gotten the behavior issues fixed (which they were never really anything serious to begin with). Teachers now days seem to think that our five and six years olds are suppose to be statues, never speak, stay in a perfect line, I mean any 5or6 year old is still somewhat implusive, so if you would like to give my child a C in conduct today, because he didnt keep his arms at his sides will walking in the hallway, then I just cant really be bothered.

So the academics are now at play, and somehow over the last 4 months I have questioned,myself did I do something to him when he was a baby, did I drop him and I dont remember, did I deny him lack of oxygen......Absolutely not to any of those questions. I provided play time, I provided education playtime, and stories and things of that nature. But until just a few days ago, my child has failed every test that has been placed in front of him. So as of late, I have been rewriting his test papers and making him redo them. I do not assist, I simply read the directions and give him a time limit. And guess what??? He will pass the whole freakin test with flying colors. I dont get it. So I have recently conferenced with his teacher and school counselor, and we seem to believe it's simply test anxiety. So from that point on, we have made it a priority to not say the word TEST. We simply call them worksheets....and to my amazement my lil man has brought home 3 A's in the last week. I can hardly believe it. I am thrilled and hope this trend can continue.

I truly hope that everyone is doing well, i do come about once a week to keep up with everyone's blogs, just havent had much time or effort to wanna write myself. If I dont come back before the holidays I wish everyone a MErry Christmas!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I should have put the clothes in the dryer, did I wipe the counters off. I should have mopped the floor tonight so I dont have to do it tomorrow. Did I check my email? I forgot to set my DVR to record the new season of Kendra on E! I have to remember to do that before Sunday,( hearing Ryan Seacrest voice in my head) reminding me. I wonder what the passenger on the Air France flight where thinking before the plane went down, gosh how i feel for their families and friends. Could there possilbly be one lonely passenger floating adrift the ocean on a whithered air plane seat waiting desperatly for someone to resue them. Did I set my alarm. I should have turned Braylons tv off, I need to make Alayziah's favor bags for her party this saturday. Man I dont feel like goin to work tomorrow. Im so sleepy. And why didnt i refill my lunesta yet? This my friends are just my thoughts before finally falling asleep...That lovely butterfly woudl have been fantastic last night to help me get to sleep. My brain never shuts off.

Friday, May 29, 2009

HHHAAAAYYYY! I do still exist!

Good night!!!! Talk about I fell off the bloggin boat! I am still alive and Im still in existence for the like 1 person that still may check my blog!lol. Things have just been a little chaotic to say the least. Nothing really bad. Relationship is still great and the kids are great. Just the economy is kickin us in the butt super bad. My girlfriend works in the oilfield for GE and so you can just about imagine out thats goin. Luckily I work in finance so my job is still holding steady, we are locally owned and not hurting at all so far. But as a family we are struggling greatly, with hours being cut and looking to layoffs next we dont really know which way to go next. We are struggling with facing our last option of one of us taking a second part time job just to make ends meet. It's a tough decision to make, we already only spend the evenings with the kids and the weekends and just cant see cutting anymore time out. In the long haul of things one of us will have to make that sacrifice and very soon im afraid. So thats how our little piece of the earth has been revolving. Both kids finished up school greatly! Bray is on to 1st grade and Alayziah is off to 3rd. Time sure does fly. I hope that everyone is doing fine. Feels good to come here and vent and realease some frustration with no judgements! Here's a few updated pics of the fam!

Monday, January 12, 2009

So just a little update on my resolutions....They are coming together ok, I started slacking some, but not horribly bad I have not had water since Friday!!!OOPPS!!! my bad it was a crazy weekend, we babysat 3 additional kids so our house was basically a zoo! It was nice though, we had a really great time.. On the other hand I have been doing great with my facial regimen and I must say I can start to see a differance already.. Have not had a migraine which is fantastic not even my always evil PMS migraine, I will just pray that it stays on track! Other than that not much is goin on same old stuff, life and family is great not much to complain about!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

WEll, I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!.. Our holidays were fantastic, I could not have asked for better. The kids had a wonderful christmas and santa was very good to them!! So in normal tradition we must set New Years resolutions..I am taking a different approach this year. Typically every year, I promise my self to stick to a diet and lose all kinds of weight and get back in to my prepregnancy size of a 9!! But of course that never happens, so this years I have given myself realistic goals that I may actually stick to.. First off my number goal is drink water!!!! I dont know why i dislike water so much, its just a boring drink, no taste and no fizz! COke and pepsi is so much better cause you feel the burn down your throat and your eyes water, now thats some good stuff! Oh and yes I have tried all the little flavoring packets, and they all just give me heartburn..But so far so good, I have been alowing myself a small cup of coke in the morning to get me going, then I drink almost a whole bottle of water on my way to work, then I allow myself to have my half cup of coffee, i can never finish a whole cup so that works out well.. Then its only water the rest of the day, and I have a little bit more coke with my dinner, then water till bedtime. That has been going pretty well, I have not slacked so far!!! But its only the 6th! My next resolution was to stop taking so much over the counter meds! No im not a junkie, but I suffer with the most awful migraines you can imagine, nothing works, to relieve the pain i typically have to concoct a cocktail of 3 excedrin tension headache, 1pain pill(mild) and a half muscle relaxer and VOila!!! the pain I have been experiencing for three days is magically gone, so I figure If i keep up this routine I will have no liver by the time im 35...(just a note my doctor is at his wits end so he is aware of my cocktails and has even assisted me in different anectodetes) not kidding, He has said Alicia I dont know what the hell to do! You have to respect a man of such honesty..I really do love my doctors though for my head that is. A couple of months ago i was out of work for a week due to a migraine and pulled muscle in my neck(stop thinking dirty thoughts) I was in his office hysterically crying to the point of needing a paper bag, do you know that poor man called me everyday for four days 3-4 times a day to check on me, thats a good doctor in my book.... So i saw him today and we are trying some new things to try and see if we can get this whole headache thing down, if this regime does not do the trick last resort is a medication called topamax which so far they have been having great success!!!Lucky for me it is also proven to promote weight loss!!! thats two birds with one stone that makes me happy!!!! Now my third and final resolution is to take care of my face! I wash my face, but im horrible about going to bed with makeup on and not puttin moisturizer or sunblock.. so i did a little research and found that the best moisturizer and anit wrinkle that was boasted was ROC... It suggested use in late twenties and eary thirties to maximize its effectiveness, so Im right on target, I will be 28 this year which to me is a tragedy, even though i really deep down know its not...So While I work on all my goals and resolutions I wish all of you luck with your own personal resolutions!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I just wanted to drop in and tell everyone merry christmas. Please keep all holiday travel as safe as possible, between all the rain storms and snow storms, its very dangerous out there. We are currently getting downpours at this very moment, should rain for the rest of the day and then a high of 80 tomorrow...So much for all the pretty christmas sweaters and outfits, looks to be a day of shorts and tshirts!!!! Gotta love it! IT could always be worse....Hopefully I will have some great new pics to post after the holidays!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So it's almost time to say goodbye to 2008, already! I really cant believe that this year is almost over. Now that I am pushing 30 I truly feel like someone is stealing time from me. Its like the years and months are going by so quickly, I barely get a chance to take it all in. On the other hand, I am very thankful for such a wonderful year this one has been. It was new life, new beginnings, new traditions, and as I sit here reflecting on where did the years, months, and days go I cant help but cherish the huge grin on my face. This has been one of the best years of life, except for the year I was pregnant and delivered my beautiful son. I have finally found my soul mate, someone that treats me the way that I treat them. Someone that loves me for me, and does not try to change any of my irritating quirks or behaviors. My baby boy is growing so much, and changing everyday, I can hardly wait to see where life will take him. As his mama, I definately see him in some type of entertainment business, his small 42lb frame can barely support his huge personality. My long time wants of wanting another child have been filled by the daughter I gained in my new partner. She is beautiful and amazing, everything I would have wanted if I delivered her myself. As for my baby wants, I have come to a new ground in accepting the family I have and focusing on them, could be possible God has granted me all the children I was meant to have. I am in love with life, and feel as if I have finally found my niche! I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year.